CC…Please Be Quiet!

CC, please think before you speak. You are coming off of a year in which you went 21-7 with a 3.18 ERA and finished third in the AL Cy Young voting. You are coming off of a terrific year and have lost thirty pounds.

Why in the world are you going to say, “It is still in my contract. Anything is possible”, referring to his opt-out part of his contract after this season? Please think before you speak. After this season, CC will still have four years and $92MM. He will be 31 after the 2011 when he could be a free agent.

Please think before you speak. The only way CC opts out is if he has an absolutely dominant year. The best case scenario for Carsten Charles is he has a terrific year and wins a Cy Young, which is very possible. He and his agent may think they can opt out and receive more money on the open market than he is due to make in the remaining 4 years of his original 7 year, $161MM he signed before the 2009 season. Well CC, you are wrong. By the looks of it you might not even be the most coveted free agent in 2012 because the best player in baseball, Albert Pujols, could very well be on the market also.

A 31 year old pitcher along the likes of CC, could get an offer similar to Cliff Lee received this past year. The only problem is that if he opts out, who is going to pay more money than the Yankees when their is a pitcher who only has 2 years left in his prime? No one. Given the Mets financial situation, the Dodgers financial troubles, and the Phillies recent spending spree there are three teams other than the Yankees, that would court CC, and most likely fail.

The Cubs will not covet the 6’7 lefty to anchor an otherwise mediocre rotation. Their team has shown no signs of improvement, but if Pujols becomes a free agent the Cubs will certainly love to snatch him away from the rival Cardinals. So why would they want CC and why would CC go to a team that has question marks surrounding it? Sorry Cubs fans, CC will not be at the front of your rotation if he opts out.

The Nationals could be a very interesting situation for CC, but why would Sabathia want to go to a team that has a few years left to become a legitimate contender while he only has a few years left in his prime? He wouldn’t. Sorry Nats fans, but CC will not form a dream 1-2 punch with youngster Stephen Strasburg.

Finally, of course the Angels will chirp around the free agent market again in hopes of signing CC, who originally was rumored to want to sign in California, and fail. They are not the team they used to be and are more than one good pitcher away from a good team.

In conclusion, CC think before you speak. If you opt out in 2012 expecting more money than you are garunteed from the Yankees, you need to see someone. If he does opt out, he will swiftly come to his senses and realize that no team will give him a deal that appeals to him. The only team that will outbid the Yankees are, well the Yankees. The Yankees are one of the few teams that will compete for a World Series every year. He is staying in New York for the remainder of his current contract. This was just a minor anxiety attack  for the Yankees front office, until they, like CC, realize there is no logic to him opting out. Even if he does opt out, he will re-sign with the Yankees.

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  1. mlbnow says:

    In all fairness to CC, he has stated on multiple occasions that he won’t opt out, but if he does he would have legitimate reasoning. If Lee, CC’s close friend, can get offers for 7/142 when he’s older then CC, then CC can get a deal worth more.

  2. Nick Allen says:


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