Carlos Marmol signs 3 year extension with Cubs

Carlos Marmol has signed a 3 year extension with the Chicago Cubs.

He has been fully holding down the closer position since 2009. In 2009, he posted a 3.41 ERA and had 15 saves. His ERA went up from his 2.68 ERA in 2008. Marmol went back to his dominant self after and inconsistent 2009. In 2010, Marmol had an ERA of 2.55 and he had 38 saves. He also led the league in GF (games finished) with 70.

Marmol is only 28 and has improved drastically over the last three years. In 2008-2010, he had allowed 10,2 and only 1 HR respectively in the seasons.  Marmol had a scary good 138 strikeouts in 77.2 IP, which was good enough to average a dominant 16.0 SO/9.

Like many young power pitchers, Marmol struggles with control at times. In 2010, he had a 6.0 BB/9, which obviously needs improvement. As a closer, one simply can not walk that many batters with the game on the line.

Marmol means a lot to the inconsistent Chicago Cubs. He had 4.0 WPA (wins probability added) which was 6th out of all pitchers in the NL.

The re-signing of Carlos Marmol was a vital move for the Cubs. Marmol has potential to be a dominant closer in years to come.

Statistics courtesy of: Baseball Reference, Major League Baseball

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