Vladimir Guerrero to Orioles

A free swinger. A slugger. A five tool player(back in the day). A solid signing for the Orioles. All of these things describe Vladimir Guerrero who just signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles worth a total of $8MM.

Some people gave up on Vlad before the 2010 season with the Rangers. Instead, Guerrero put up terrific numbers for an aging veteran as he hit .300, knocked 29 homers and drove in 115. Guerrero spent most of his 152 games in 2o1o as a DH because of his bad knees.

Guerrero will bring a veteran presence to a young Orioles lineup consisting of young players. The Orioles youngsters happen to all be on the verge of breaking through into really good big leaguers. The lineup already consists of Luke Scott, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and the up and coming catcher Matt Wieters. Vlad should fit in well enough in the middle of that lineup.Guerrero is getting older but, it is not a stretch to expect Guerrero to hit .280 with 20 shots and 75 RBI.

Guerrero would have been a better addition to a team like the Rays who can still seriously compete in the AL East. Their front office decided to spend money on an over the hill outfielder in Johnny Damon and a now mediocre hitter in Manny Ramirez. They signed the players for $725,000 more than Vlad signed with the O’s. He would have been a better signing for the Rays as they could have sped up the maturation process of outfield prospect Desmond Jennings to play outfield instead of Damon.

The Orioles are full of free swinging youngsters and the Orioles front office could have allocated their money in another direction, like a pitcher instead of Vladimir Guerrero who will swing at anything within three feet of the plate (even though he hits crazy pitches sometimes). He will have an impact on the O’s but not big enough to dig the Orioles out of the last place position in the AL East again.

The future first ballot hall of famer and career .320 hitter is not done, but he is not the player he used to be. The Orioles may have payed too much for Guerrero as he was asking for what he got and they may have been able to get him for $6MM. Vlad should help the Orioles in 2011, but not as much as he could have helped a contender.

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  1. Nick Allen says:

    AL East is gonna be really tough. Vlad is gonna be a huge threat in the middle of the lineup for te O’s, the Red Cox got Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, and the Rays, we know are gonna be really good. Manny and Damon aren’t such great players anymore, but they can be very good role players for the Rays. The Yankees just need pitching. When Burnett first signed with the Yankees, I was worried about his history with getting injured. In 09, he was erratic, but it was good enough to help the Yankees win their first title since 2000, but last year, what a bum. I really hope Phil Hughes can handle the pressure this year. I know this sounds idiotic, but it might be worth putting Joba back in the rotation with what they have now.

  2. Sam Greenspan says:

    KEEP JOBA WHERE HE IS. It is a lost cause I am sorry to break it to you. I agree with everything except your comment about the Rays being really good I think they will be in fourth place only in front of the orioles in the AL East. Not enough offense or bullpen.

    • mlbnow says:

      Don’t agree at all, he can still be a dominate starter. He needs the chance. In the second half of last year, it seemed like he got fully back to where he came up to the majors. His injured shoulder finally seemed to be back to where it should be, and lets be honest… would you rather watch Mitre pitch 5 innings and give up 5 or Joba get a chance to start. He’s better then all the options the yankees have, and joba’s value is so low right now, the only way to get it back up is to start. Letting him pitch the 6th inning of every 2 games will not help his confidence.

  3. Nick Allen says:

    BOSTON’S 0-4! HELL YEAH! I know the season just started, but lets just enjoy seeing the Red Sox winless while we can.

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